Current Objective

Be a good Googler. Don't be evil.

Life Events

2012.06 -- Started working at Purdue University

2013.05 -- Graduated from Purdue University

2015.07 -- Left job at Accenture Interactive

2016.01 -- Started job at Northwestern University

2016.12 -- Left job at Lyons Consulting Group 

2016.12 -- Graduated from Northwestern University

2010.08 -- Started school at Purdue University

2013.05 -- Left job at Purdue University

2013.08 -- Started working at Accenture Interactive

2015.09 -- Started school at Northwestern University

2016.06 -- Started working at Lyons Consulting Group

2016.12 -- Left job at Northwestern University

2017.02 -- Started working at Google, Inc

About Me

I started working for Google, Inc in February, 2017 as a Software Engineer. I completed my master's degree in computer science from Northwestern University. Before I went to Northwestern University, I worked for Acquity Group, Part Of Accenture Interactive as digital platform analyst for two years. I was an application engineer intern in Lyons Consulting Group from June 2016 to December 2016. My main responsibility was applying Hybris, which is a software based on Java and Spring MVC to build eCommerce platform. I also worked on haptic project for Professor Piper to build Android application using tpad. I always love using technologies to build small things to make our world a better place. Take a look at the projects I have worked on here. To learn more about my previous working experience, visit here.