03.2016 - 06.2016

Adherence Pill Project

I have been working on this Parse based website for three quarters. My job now is to apply javascript to link database with front-end pages. It is a good learning process for me because I am not quite familiar with javascript before and I learned a lot while working on this project. Besides, my partner and I designed the database to store all data. It was harder than it looked like. We changed the structure several times to satisfy all needs from different teams.

Smart Choice Project

My partner and I decided to build an Android app for our Internet of Things course. This app will gather user's location and find points of interest using Google Place API and Google Map API. After that, Google Cloud Endpoint Service will calculate which credit card can bring users the most cashback/reward using POIs and send it back to the app. Take a look here.

Smart Choice Poster Presentation

12.2015 - 03.2016

Auto-gen Content security policy

Worked with Professor Chen, Xiang, and Wayne on an Auto-Gen CSP project. My job was writing a crawler using Python Scrapy framework to crawl a web page for all URLs under the same domain. Saving all crawled URLs to MongoDB. Then, I used PhantomJs to get contents of those URLs and save all contents back to MongoDB. All the communications like saving or reading data were done through Node.js. Besides, I also wrote a script so different applications can be started automatically.